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# generate static project
$ npm run generate
一个基于 Vue + nuxt.JS 的内容分享系统,包含内容推荐、用户分享、讨论区等。
由于本项目是本科课程“现代软件工程”的一个任务,所以较多涉及了数据库交互、触发器等,在用户管理模式上从简了,也不涉及 refresh token,只做了简单的 session 和 JWT。
无论如何,对于想要熟悉 Web 设计、JavaScript、前后端交互、Vue.js、 Nuxt.js、数据库管理(ORM) 的用户,这是一个不错的仓库,非常适合初学者提升自己的项目经历。
A content sharing system based on Vue + nuxt.js, including content recommendation, user sharing, discussion area, etc.
As this project is a task of the undergraduate course "modern software engineering", it mainly involves database interaction, triggers, etc. It is simplified in the user management mode and does not involve refresh token, and only does simple session and JWT.
The original design of the project is to share wonderful novels, music, etc., with several friends, so although this project can be deployed and run easily, it is recommended to modify according to personal needs and secondary development before use.
In any case, for those who want to become familiar with Web design, JavaScript, front-end interactions, vue.js, nuxt.js, database management (ORM), this is a great repository for beginners to enhance their project experience.
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