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# moneydb
> An electron-vue project
> 华东师范大学 2019 年春季学期数据库系统实践课程大作业,为独立开发一个数据库管理系统,本项目的选题是物流管理系统。适合新手入门的项目学习,可以深入了解数据库操作(基于 ORM)以及一些必要的前后端交互。项目基于 Node.js + Electron + Vue.js + Express.js + Sequelize。 The topic of this project is logistics management system. A good starting point for a beginner, with an in-depth understanding of database operations (based on ORM) and some of the necessary front-and-back interactions. The project is based on Node.js + Electron + Vue.js + Express.js + Sequelize.
> Keywords: 数据库, DB, ORM, Database, Electron, Express, Vue, Node, Sequelize
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