Verified Commit 8cfbd657 authored by jxtxzzw's avatar jxtxzzw
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Signed-off-by: jxtxzzw's avatarjxtxzzw <>
parent 58028517
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ export const income = require('./data/income.json')
export const advancedIncome = require('./data/advanced_income.json')
export const course = require('./data/course.json')
export const tech = require('./data/tech.json')
export const activity = require('./data/activity.json')
export const activity = sortByDate(require('./data/activity.json'))
export const dreamEntry = require('./data/dream_entry.json')
export const dreamCascade = require('./data/dream_cascade.json')
export const dreamProgress = require('./data/dream_progress.json')
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